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Different Internet Connections

Although web surfing became mainstream only in the 90s, it is hard to imagine how people lived withougt this technology before then. A computer with an Internet connection can substitute for TVs, telephones, music centers, DVD players, newspapers and even conventional classrooms. You have a few options when deciding which Internet connection would fit your needs and budget the most, with dial-up, DSL and cable Internet service providers as the most prominent for residential Internet access.

  1. Dial-Up Internet Connection

    • Dial-up Internet service providers use a dial-up modem, either external or internal, for the Internet connection. The problem with this type connection is that it uses regular telephone lines, which means your phone will be tied up once you are online. Dial-up is an obsolete technology, provides a maximum speed of 56 Kbit/s, and is usually used when there are no other options for the connection.

    DSL Internet Connection

    • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet service providers also use the telphone lines via a DSL modem for connection. The difference from the dial-up is that DSL uses bands higher in frequency than the regular phone conversation, which leaves phones open for calling when you are online. A simple splitter inserted into a phone jack allows for both phone and DSL modem cables to be used at the same time. The DSL connection speed ranges from 256 Kbit/s to 24,000 Kbit/s, depending on the technology used.

    Cable Internet Connection

    • One of the most popular types of connection is through cable Internet service providers. This type of connection uses a cable television infrastructure and a cable modem to gain access to the web. You do not need a telephone line, and the connection speed ranges anywhere from 384 Kbit/s to 100 Mbit/s.

    Satellite Internet Connection

    • Satellite Internet connection uses satelites to deliver the web to remote geographical locations, where neither dial-up, DSL or cable Internet is available. While providing better and faster connection (768 Kbit/s up to 5.0 Mbit/s) than dial-up, it's more difficult and expensive to set up than either DSL or cable. This type of Internet connection should only be considered if there are no other options.

    Free Wi-Fi Internet Connection

    • You might also want to consider free Wi-Fi networks, some of which are available in various coffee shop franchises. This is a perfect situation if you rarely use the Internet and do not want to pay for the connection. The Wi-FI router is already connected to the web in a place like this, and all customers need to do is connect to the network. You do, however, need a wireless network card in your computer. The connection speed in this case might be slower than DSL or cable, depending on the number of customers using the network.

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